You are encouraged to work on the project in couples. Please register as soon as you know who is your partner. If you wish to work on the project with another student, but cannot find a partner, please let me know. . But you are encouraged to suggest other projects. Graduate students who would like to do a project which is related to their research are also encouraged to do so. All projects are practical (‘experimental’) and involves designing and implementing a learning system. Those who are interested in doing a theoretical project, please contact me. There are many interesting papers that you can based your project on. this is not mandatory, but recommended if you already know what you want to work on. The last day to submit proposals is . The idea behind the proposal is just to make sure that you chose a feasible project, and that you address the important issues. Project proposals that are well planned and thought over will get extra credit up to 5%. But you don’t get bad points for proposals that do not meet these criteria. If you are interested in projects that are based on material that will be learned in class after the proposal submission deadline, you can still meet with me after the deadline to discuss the outline of the project. In any case, even if you don’t submit a proposal, you must register a project (one of the projects on the list, or your own suggested project). The last day to register a project is should be one page at the most. Specify the problem you are focusing on, the learning system(s) that you are going to apply, any modifications/improvements that you are considering to implement, and the means by which you are going to evaluate your learner (using a benchmark or a validation technique, etc) Information on what should be in the final report will be posted here soon. The credit for the project is 40% of the final grade. Exceptional projects will get extra credit. Source.

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