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Whenever I start a project, I like to work with a grid layout to help me place all the elements I need into proper alignment. Most sites work around a grid. You have a header, main sections, maybe a sidebar and usually a footer. Within each of these elements you can break it down even further. Here is a quick tutorial on building a grid in Illustrator CS3 (I haven’t upgraded just yet). A freelance web developer living in Montreal who spends most of his time writing for this site and building Premium themes for WordPress. You can find him on Twitter @bavotasan. I always use Adobe illustrator at work because i work in an animation studio. this is really a serious tool for the graphic artist..~: Compassionate, personalized support before, during & after childbirth – Montreal doula services @ Looking for an easy-to-use Premium Theme for WordPress? Check out Themes by and have your site up and running in no time. If you would like to support c.bavota and, please use the donate link below. Any amount, even $1.00, is appreciated (a man’s gotta eat, ya know). Source.

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