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The Freehand tool allows you to create lines that follow the movement of your pointer. The segments are smoothed into Bézier curves when you finish the shape. For this reason, the Freehand tool is most useful when making quick, free-form design notes (redlining), such as indicating a study area on a map. Draw a freehand line by holding down the left mouse button while dragging. This is most useful for tablet computing since it allows you to digitize when the pen is pressed down and stop when you lift up the pen. Click the map once to finish drawing the freehand shape and create the feature, you do not need to double-click as you normally would to finish a sketch. The freehand drawing line is automatically smoothed into Bézier curves. If you are creating a polygon, it is closed to form a continuous ring. If you click the map to stop sketching just before reaching the original start point, you can avoid creating an extraneous multipart polygon where the polygon closes. If you do overshoot the start point, double-click the feature with the Edit tool and delete the extra vertices. Source. Here you can find a full bse of Vector Maps of England in Adobe Illustrator.”

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