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I printed an image today on some digital solvent canvas and found the colours to be extremely vivid especially in the magenta and yellow. My question is, how do I get my sp300v to print the image to look the way I see it on the screen? Do I have to adjust the image colours in another photo program before I export them to versaworks? What do you guys do, to tone down then colours, when you print. Lloyd – color management is best done in another program and then brought into the into VW. VW does give you some color management and tonal control in color adjustment area in the job setting screen. So whether it be Corel, AI, Photoshop or Corel Paint – do your adjustment there. As for seeing it on your screen, unless you tuned in your monitor (calibrate it) then you will not see your exact colors until you print it. Most of the times it has to do with proper profile and proper color management. So raster or raster and vector gets PrePress US and vector only gets Max Impact. Almost he same advice as your other post. A few of us have been playing a little longer so we expediting your experimenting. Source.

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