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New Year approached, leading suddenly to install what tasks the province to generate the jpg map of all toll stations, and can be printed on paper in a2. 1. To set such a good mark. Note that because the most concerned about the toll of the layers. Therefore, the display of other layers of the annotations should be set to a lower level. In labels of standard size the size of the hook to take ‘scale map elements propertionally to changes in page size’. After 4. The labels where you can set the expression to display the label. Such as: [S_NAME] +'(‘+ cstr (int ([DISTANCE])) +’,’+ cstr (int ([TOLL_FEE] ))+’)’, syntax is vbscript. 5. Note: because it is exported to print the picture, we can not directly save. Should export. We use the above general a3 paper, such as a2, a1, a0. If the paper is too small, then, poi too dense, can not display the results. Compiled some data, the generated sql is sorted out. 1) update sde.high_toll_091217 set DISTI = ‘1 ‘where name in (select name, count (*) from sde.high_serve_091217 group by name having count (*) = 1) 2) update sde.high_serve_091217 set DISTI = ‘1 ‘where objectid in ( select objectid from (select row_number () over (partition by name order by DISTI desc) flagnum, name, objectid from sde.high_serve_091217) where flagnum = 1) 3) Wanted to use the following statement, to the next, no. update sde.high_toll_091217 t1 set t1.distance = (Select distance from ets.tb_toll_station_dist_fee t2 where t2.begin_station_no = ‘2706 ‘and t2.end_station_no = t1.toll_station_no) Have written stored procedures, select all the records on the cursor, the circulation to the update: Source.

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