This vector tile layer provides a detailed basemap for the world symbolized with a light gray, neutral background style with minimal colors, labels, and features that is designed to draw attention to your thematic content. The vector tile layer is similar in content and style to the popular Light Gray Canvas map, which is delivered as two map services with raster fused map cache. This layer is delivered as a vector tile service that provides unique capabilities for customization, high-resolution display, and offline use in mobile devices.This vector tile layer is built using the same data sources used for the Light Gray Canvas and other Esri basemaps. The map includes highways, major roads, minor roads, railways, water features, cities, parks, landmarks, building footprints, and administrative boundaries. Alignment of boundaries is a presentation of the feature provided by our data vendors and does not imply endorsement by Esri or any governing authority.Layer Update: Simplified Style FileThis tile layer has been updated to have significantly fewer lines of code in the style file (i.e. root.JSON file) than in the original version and in other Esri Vector Basemaps styles (World Street, World Topo, Navigation, etc.). With this update, we have consolidated like features together in single layers to reduce the effort in customizing the code. We also removed the code for features that are visible in other basemaps, but do not display in this Light Gray Canvas style. Only the visible features in the map are represented in the root.JSON code.Use this MapThis map is designed to be used as a basemap layer or reference layer in a web map. You can add this layer to a web map and save as your own map. If you would like to use this map as a basemap layer in a web map, you may use the Esri web map item already created with this layer.Customize this MapBecause this map is delivered as a vector tile layer, users can customize the map to change its content and symbology. Users are able to turn on and off layers, change symbols for layers, switch to alternate local language (in some areas), and refine the treatment of disputed boundaries. For details on how to customize this map, please refer to these articles on the ArcGIS Online Blog. Source.

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