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Enhanced – Stroke preview. The enhanced stroke preview offers a much clearer view of the actual brush stroke that will appear on your canvas. New -Advanced Brush Controls.Painter X3 include a more intuitive way to optimize and change brush properties, settings and expressions.The brush optimizer exposes the most popular parameter one can edit right in the brush menu bar at the top of the screen. New – Jitter brushes. Painter X3 also introduces several pre-built Jitter brushes right out of the box. They can be selected and used on their own or easily extended to create new variants that can be saved, exported and shared. New – Perspective Guides. Accurately draw in 1, 2 or 3 point perspective with this assisting snap-tool. You can easily set up the desired perspective by snapping lines straight towards adjustable vanishing points. This shopping feature will continue to load items. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Sorry, we were unable to perform your search at this time. Submit your question to our community by clicking the ‘Ask’ button. This latest version of Painter is phenomenal. The addition of the new perspective guide is an extremely useful tool as is the brush search. Corel has also added the ability to use a reference image…how handy is that? The biggest improvement as far as I’m concerned is the stability of the program. I’ve been using Painter since version 8, and I believe that X3 is the most stable version I’ve ever used. It has all the wonderful new features which were included with Painter 12, plus stability. Wonderful! If you are interested in learning to create digital art, I cannot recommend any program as highly as Painter X3. The ability to customize your workspace, create your own brushes, and create custom palettes containing only the materials you personally use…no other painting program has these abilities, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Combine this with the plethora of already available brushes, paper textures, patterns and more, and there is no limit to what can be done when you use Painter X3. I was a Beta tester for this version and I’m so very pleased with the final product. Painter still isn’t perfect, and improvements can always be made, but at this moment in time, I think this is the very best digital painting program available. It can only get better from here. Newest Corel runs much more quickly and is even more tuned into brush tilt. Works great right out of the box. Very stable. if your someone who is learning how to paint its worth getting the best program out there, and corel painter not only provides you the tools you need in terms of variety of brushes but also the variety of canvases it can simulate, its literally a variety of paper textures and the program is so user friendly to people learning or if you are a pro you get a natural feel to things when using this program. I found it easy to teach myself to draw because the program did not limit me but allowed me to express myself whatever way i chose. Love what there is to work with in the program. I’m not an artist and for me, so much about creating is not intuitive like it is for others but I can deal with its challenges to try to become a Rembrandt. Just found out when I bought a new PC that even if you buy download insurance it is only good for two years. Total rip-off, even Photoshop lets you download later. Stay away from the download version only buy it on a CD so you own it forever. I’m new to digital art so this my first time buying or using this kind of program but it was easy enough to learn at least the basics of this program, everything is laid out and… Steep learning curve, but stick with it and you will love it! I had Painter 11 and just upgraded to Painter X3. Faster and more options. Corel Painter X3 is a dynamic artist’s tool that enables one to explore, one’s creativity while using a multifaceted palette of choices in artist’s brushes, pens, pencils, colored… There are so many new ways to customize your control of your paintings in this version and there are excellent help files as well. There is so much available in Painter X3 that it is a great way to expand your artistic talents and skills. Painter can amplify your image beyond your own expectations. Source.

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