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Founded in 1996, Alexa has a rich history of providing deep analytical insights to benchmark, compare and optimize businesses on the web. Many listings in Top Sites by Category are for specific pages or subdirectories, not for entire sites. For example, in the Reference &gt, Maps section you’ll find (an entire site about maps) and (one section about maps on a larger site). For this reason, the listings in the Top Sites by Category are ordered by Popularity of this listing, and not by the overall Traffic Rank of the site. We use the same basic traffic ranking technology used for Alexa Traffic Rank — a combination of users and page views — but apply it only to the traffic for that specific listing. To find out the Traffic Rank of any site in the Top Sites by Category directory, just click the name of the site and you’ll be taken to the ‘Site Info’ page for that site. ure-rich software addressing four key market segments: PC graphics, office productivity, digital image editing and natural-media painting and illustration. Products include WordPerfect, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Corel Photo Album, CorelDRAW and Corel Painter IX. avorite web browser! The application can be used in Windows, Macintosh or Linux operating systems. The only requirement is the Flash Player (which usually comes preinstalled in any OS). lex, multi-layered graphics by combining raster-based and vector-based graphics technology into one program. Offers free download, tutorials, support, and upgrades. . Database driven search engine which lets you search Photoshop-compatible plugins, Paint Shop Pro tubes and actions, graphics tutorials and product reviews. Source.

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