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Execution of technical GIS related project work, including but not limited to capturing, acquisition, checking, digitising, collation, conversion, projecting and processing of project data, mapping, planning studies, database compilation, manipulation, reporting and analysing, Assisting with management of work in the GIS department, including budgets, deadlines, client expectations and resources, GIS server and filing system, and marketing materials, Ideal focus areas include but are not limited to Geography, Town and Regional Planning, Environmental and Engineering-related studies / coursework, Other software that would be beneficial to have an understanding of include but is not limited to AutoCAD, GlobalMapper, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop and Google Sketchup, Applied knowledge of spatial data use and application in any or as many as possible of AECOM’s operational environments, A good understanding of how maps and spatial data can be used to not only represent data visually, but enhance decision making and provide analytical insight that assist other specialists in their work, Be able to communicate clearly not only to fellow GIS staff, but also to engineers and scientists who does not necessarily have a technical understanding of GIS and its potential applications in AECOM’s operating environment and projects. Source.

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