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The Illustrator CC Level 2: Advanced course will build upon the knowledge obtained in Level I. We will use the Appearance Panel to add fills, strokes and effects to shapes and type, then save and use a Graphic Style. We will explore different effects such as warp, 3-D and distortion. Students will draw with many different tools, pencil, blob and the shape tools as well as understand the pen tool and Bezier curves. We will study Layers, new type features, Transparency, Symbols, Brushes and many more exciting features. Please contact us regarding pricing and availability. Prerequisite: Adobe Illustrator Level I or SOLID knowledge of topics covered in that workshop. Save a workspace. New CC Interface. Set up multiple artboards. Modify the document setup. Adjust the color of the new User Interface Select objects, Use Group Isolation Mode, select objects with similar attributes. Shortcuts for Fill and Stroke. Use Adobe Bridge to open and view Illustrator files. Source.

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