When you guys scan your pencil work, and throw em on a program to color and redo etc etc for a finalization, do you prefer Painter by Corel? Adobe Photoshop? or Adobe Illustrator? I Will probablly be purshing Illustrator, specifically for vectors, as I might draw too small or too big, and illustrator lets me shrink or enlrage without the use of pixels. I usually use Adobe Photoshop, because of the many features it has. I can’t lead you in the right direction to pick between PS and painter because I haven’t used painter, and probably won’t You’re scanning stuff in pixels, there’s nothing illustrator is gonna change about that. If you’re just retouching pencil sketches you don’t really need advanced software like AI PS or CP, instead, get GIMP for that, it’s free and should have everything you need for touching up sketches. It all depends really on what you’re working towards. Illustrator is great for really clean work like logo design, and Photoshop is good for painting but really perfect for photo editing. It’s been years since i’ve used Painter and the version I used was an archaic, buggy piece of crap, so I can’t really judge. I do love a program called ArtRage- it’s really cheap and it imitates traditional media really well. Basic Art Tips_______________Art 101_______________ Orn’s Scouting Guide_______________NG Art Chat formerly lovingthedark thanks for opinions guys, – also, Im scanning in pixels yes, but ill be goive over them with vectors to makes the lines look better and fuller, as well coloring etc etc. and – I own Photoshop Cs4 atm. Just, havent used it for scanning yet. You might want to have a look on SAI, or Paint Tool SAI, a japanese program that unifies Painter or artrage and Photoshop pretty well and costs about 50 dollar and there is a free trial-version available on their page. I don’t get your justification for vectors, since that could be done with a raster-based program with less fuss. It seems like you’re edging towards Illustrator for making, but just to clarify: what kind of images are you looking to produce? Stuff like this, with clean, crisp edges? Or stuff like your current art portal submissions? the stuff in my current art aubmissiosn are constnatnly bashed, so im doing a completley different approach, your link also leads me to a reply button lol. idk why, it just did :P so i cant see the image :( – but, I only spoke of what ive READ, if youve seen my rambling lying around on the forum, im constantly reading , and an explaination of Illustrator vs photoshop was about the vectors, it just seemed more clean and pretty :P. Flash is good for cleaning up and it’s also vecto based and stuff so like two birds one stone. I usually work with a DPI of 300 since it’s the printing standard, and if you keep your artboard dimensions similar to standard american paper (8.5×11) you shouldn’t really have a problem with it being too small and even further you could just expand the board and work with a bigger size or double or something keeping in mind how big the page would be in reality. It’s what I do anyway. I would also recommend Painter Tool Sai over the other programs it’s a great amalgam of good programs and cheap and awesome. But it’s pixel based. I wouldn’t go with Illustrator for just drawing I pretty much exclusively use it for graphic design/logo design and such so I wouldn’t know how good it could be with just drawing or something Source.

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