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Vector format maps produce the highest quality output, no matter what size you print. Using our Adobe Illustrator vector format maps, you can be sure that you get the best display output, and the resolution you need. Of course all our maps are professionally designed to be accurate and ready to use. All our Adobe Illustrator vector maps are made to be Fully Editable, which means you can change all: For example all land area in one layer, water area in another, and roads in another. Simple maps may have only a few layers, while complex maps often have 60+ layers, including layers for roads and cities of different sizes in different layers. You can easily select all the features on a Layer and change their appearance, such as changing the color fill in land or water areas, or the city text style or color. In 1987, when Adobe Illustrator was released, Map Resources was the first to offer professional quality maps that were specially designed for graphic designers. By using Illustrator’s layers palette to organize map layers, Map Resources set the standard for editable vector map graphics. By optimizing other tools in Adobe Illustrator, such as the area objects, fonts, and line width, Map Resources created a collection of editable maps that met the exacting requirements of graphics professionals. Map Resources maps are created so you can modify the map to suit your project. Here’s what you get with every Adobe Illustrator format map from Map Resources: Map features are saved in layers, which makes it easy to turn features on or off so you get to choose which features to include. Up to 75 layers per map, and every one can be manipulated independently. To see the list of layers for a map go to the ‘product info’ page for that map, and look in the lower right side of the page content. For example this simple layered world map has only 12 layers, while this poster size layered world map has over 35! Every geographic area (eg countries, states, counties) is a separate object you can select and edit. This makes it easy to highlight specific states, geographic regions, cities, or provinces with color or fill patterns. Or create a custom area by selecting a group of objects and copying to new file. Every line on a map (eg road, boundary, river) can be edited. You can change color, line width, line style. If you want a dashed boundary, it’s simple to create one. Text is font-based, so it’s easy to change the font size and style. You can use your own choice of fonts. You can also add text with your own messaging. To see how maps work, watch videos on the Map Design Tips page. Or, check out the FAQs for Adobe Illustrator. All our AI (Adobe Illustrator Format) maps are delivered as editable, layered Adobe Illustrator files. You must have Adobe Illustrator to open and edit these maps. We save maps as Adobe Illustrator version CS3, so they will work with versions CS3, CS4, CS5 & CS6 for either Macintosh or Windows. Single-fee add-on licenses are also available for multi-user, resale, electronic, and broadcasting uses. Source.

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