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Graphic designers work on their designs using different programs but there are some who haven’t tried using Adobe Illustrator yet. Adobe Illustrator is a popular program for designing that primarily manipulates vector graphic. It is a vector graphics editor that allows you to create and edit vector graphics images. You can create designs with small file sizes which can be printed in high quality. Adobe Illustrator is a flexible program that is able to give high quality outputs. Creating and editing objects are easy with Illustrator. It is indeed truly suitable for graphic designers. There are still more good things about Adobe Illustrator. Let us find out the reasons why one needs to learn Adobe Illustrator. With Adobe Illustrator, you have the freedom to create designs. You could express your ideas in whatever way you want for you will really start from scratch. You are given the chance to create anything you want to make with the tools in Illustrator. For sure, whatever design you would like to do, it will always turn out well. All original art works using vector can be done in Illustrator which puts logo designing first in line. Using the pen tool, you can create shapes for your logo. Your logo will also have an isolated background making it easy for you to use it anywhere you want. You can choose great colors that are appropriate for your logo. Objects and drawings could be done realistically in Adobe Illustrator. Using the gradient tool and mesh tool, you can make objects look real. These tools can help create smooth surfaces and great shadings. You can also give emphasis to some details in the drawing. The result of your work will surely impress and amaze clients. Cute cartoon characters used as mascots, for branding, for comics and for whatever purposes can be done in Illustrator. In creating it, use the pen tool. Use flat colors for the cartoon and add some shading using gradient tool. If ever there are certain changes to the image, you can easily edit it with Illustrator. You can even change the colors easily. With Adobe Illustrator’s powerful grid system, you can easily draw icon graphics using different shapes. You just simply fit circles, squares, rectangles and other shapes into a grid. It is very easy to color them and to arrange those using tools in Illustrator. You will surely enjoy using this program in creating icons for you will achieve your desired output. Maps are important to show where a certain location is. It is very important for travellers and for other people who would need the aid of right directions. In Illustrator, you can create maps using the line and pen tool to draw lines and shapes. Using the pen tool may be quite hard at first but with practice, you’ll be able to easily edit and draw anything you want for the map. Info graphics show statistics and figures that are published in newspapers, magazines, posters and websites. You can perfectly create them in Illustrator. You can create graphs and pie charts by simply entering data and figures. You’ll surely easily finish your info graphics with this program. Since you will be making vectors, you can resize them and scale them without losing the quality of the picture. It won’t be distorted and the details will still be clear. No matter how big you make it, it will still have a good resolution. You can do away with pixels for it is a vector graphic. In printing, there are times when color separations are needed. The output from Adobe Illustrator can work well with color separations. Hence, you wouldn’t have any trouble when it comes to printing. There are times that no matter how great your design is, you would have trouble for the output is not as good as you expect it. But with Illustrator, your output would still look great even in print. Another advantage of using Adobe Illustrator is the ability to save the file as EPS. EPS files make it easy to print sharp outputs. You will be ensured to have a good looking logo or a detailed art for brochures and posters. If you print signs or vinyl graphics, you would need to save it as EPS, too. Adobe Illustrator can actually be used for just about anything pertaining to design. It certainly gives you the freedom to express your creativity through different artworks. So, if you are not yet using Adobe Illustrator yet, why don’t you try using it now? Source.

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