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Printable AutoCAD Vector Map of Wollongong Australia detailed City Plan scale 1:3872 full editable DWG + DXF + PDF  Street Map in layers, scalable, text format  all names, 82 MB ZIP in 1 archive.
All street names, Main Objects. Map for design, printing, arts, projects, presentations, for architects, designers, and builders, business, logistics.

Layers list:

  1. Legend
  2. Grids
  3. Labels of roads
  4. Names of places (city, hamlet, etc.)
  5. Names of objects (hospitals, parks, water)
  6. Names of main streets
  7. Names of civil streets
  8. Main Streets, roads
  9. Civil streets
  10. Railroads
  11. Buildings
  12. Airports and heliports
  13. Water objects (rivers, lakes, ponds)
  14. Waterways
  15. Color fills (parks, hospital areas, land use, etc.)
  16. Background

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